New Constructions
Cold Storage Technologies includes innovative application of technology to meet the required food safety standards and maximize profits with an environmentally sensitive “green” approach in California. This green approach provides media opportunities, carbon credits and utility incentives. Our typical design exceeds Title 24 energy efficiency standards and includes an integrated Federal EPA Risk Management Plan.

Our design and contracting approach includes the following unique features;

  • Multiple suction operating pressures
  • Ammonia Refrigeration piping and infrastructure designed for future expansions
  • Thermo-syphon oil cooling
  • Oil pump free compressor design.
  • Capture Complete Evaporator Pans
  • Frost minimizing coil design
  • Motorized Back-Pressure-Regulators
  • Variable Frequency Drives on fans
  • Hot gas Defrost
  • Multiple Accuair units to reduce temperature increase in process areas and provide air balance and movement to prevent contamination.
  • Close approach Evaporative Condenser with VFD fans and Wet Bulb control.
  • Redundant controls and Graphical User Interface Refrigeration Control System that allows Ethernet remote monitoring and paging alarms.
  • Post Weld Heat Treating on all vessels
  • We cover the entire central valley of California