Homeland Security CSAT Registration for > 10K lbs NH3

It was previously assumed in the industry that an NH3 Ag Exemption covered NH3 refrigeration systems from registration with Homeland Security. The exemption covers only "Agricultural Production" or farming operations using NH3 for fertilizer. Cold Storage refrigeration with > 10,000 lbs requires at least CSAT registration. The attached CSAT User Registration will get you through the first part allowing you to print and sign a document that is mailed back. You will then input the information again and complete the "Top-Screen" stage. For a typical facility you should not have to go beyond this step.

A few pieces of information are needed about the process longitude, latitude, and distance to toxic endpoint for the worst case. This information is in your RMP/PSM registration document. Call if you need help finding it.

-- Stan Tory

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